Content Is King

By May 10, 2021 Uncategorized

Content is King:
Social Media Content explained.

There are 4.2b social media users worldwide, out of which 4.1b will mainly access social media content via their mobile. Let’s learn about it, shall we?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  1. The 4 different areas of Social Media Content
  2. Why leaving one out could be crippling to you business
  3. A final nugget…

The 4 areas of Social Media Content

1️⃣ Content Strategy: Your content strategy will determine how you’re approaching your social media and what content is going to back your approach. If you are struggling to relay a certain message to your ideal target customer through social media, you need to figure out a game plan as to how you will be able to better communicate with your customer. Instead of putting stuff out and seeing what sticks, come up with a detailed strategy with an objective, a timeline, and some tangible content ideas which will fulfil your company’s objective. Ideally, your social media content strategy should be at least 8 weeks long in order to be able to see some results from what you’re doing. Once your audience catches on to your change in strategy, they will start reacting accordingly. One piece of content won’t do it, consistency is key.

Oh, and read all of this blog before you start. 😃

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2️⃣ Content Creation: The individual content pieces that you’ve thought about above will have to be created, designed and/or produced. Coming up with a strategy is all well and good, but until you action it with physical content, it’s just words on a piece of paper. As you come up with your social media strategy, make sure you understand how to create the content you’re aiming for. Find realistic examples of other content you have seen that resembles what you want to create and make sure you have the proper team around you which can make it happen. There’s nothing worse than thinking too far ahead and realising that you have no budget to realise your strategy. Be realistic and know your limitations. But don’t worry, as long as you have a smart phone you can create great content just like everybody else!

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“Nobody cares if you do 100 pieces of content if all of them are terrible. Use your social media to impact people, not only to impress them.”

3️⃣ Content Management: Let’s pretend that you have all your content created. What do you do now? Who will post? What software will you use? Can one person handle it all? Are you sure every aspect of the pieces of content are approved and ready to go? Working out a proper system of how to deliver your content to your audience makes all the difference in the world.

Don’t underestimate it. Your content can be great, but if you don’t execute properly, even great content can get lost. Control your process, post at the right times, caption properly and make sure you credit your collaborators and partners.

4️⃣ Content Analysis: After content goes up, you need to see whether your objective has been reached. Learn the metrics, understand how to measure your content and be really honest with yourself after reviewing your content insights.

Why you shouldn’t leave any of them out…

If any of the above are implemented incorrectly, your whole marketing department runs the risk of spending a lot of time on work which is not compatible with your objectives. Save yourself the work and the disappointment. Put in the graft, write things down, tick all the boxes and make sure you prioritise quality. Nobody cares if you do 100 pieces of content if all of them are terrible. Use your social media to impact people, not only to impress them.

We look after every single one of these stages. If you’d like to work with us, feel free to let us know!

Final Thoughts

The above could be applied to almost any type of marketing strategy you need to come up with. Think, execute, control the process and analyse your results.

Content is King, but without the strategy, your content won’t rule over anybody.