/ 8original was started in 2017 out of pure frustration. Big companies were making amazing content but it simply wasn't relatable enough for the day-to-day social media user. /


/ meet our team of social media experts /


/ Content Executive /

Only posts bangers


/ Social Media & Content Executive /

Let's-go Energy


/ CEO & Founder /

Think he's clever. Probably is to be fair...


/ Content Manager /

Picture Gary Vee and Rabbi Sacks' lovechild.


/ Account & Influencer Manager /

Very few things work without her.

/ we’re always hiring! /

Please send us your CV to hello@8original.com citing any/all examples of social media video content that you’ve created.

/ We know a lot of people say this but... /

We do things differently.

We specialise in creating content to attract your ideal audience and we’re honestly quite good at it.

We’ve been judged against the biggest agencies on the market and we’ve proven we can deliver award-winning  work.